Monday, August 30, 2010

day by day ...

 it's very hard for me to forget about you easily .now i must be strong and move on .not also of that ,my life now very suck without you (kelly clarkson) no more laughing with you argue with you and the most i love with you its you have a lot of suprise .i like the way you treat me and all yours stupid shit joke .yeahhh !im really happy with you .you're very different guy that i ever had and i love most .but ,this its we call fate right ?what can i do is just pray to God that our relationship its never end .hmm ,hope one day me and you can be together like before .i wish all of this never happen to our relationship but who me ?i'm just a normal person just like you .i can't do that .yeahhh .i'm still hope on you but you ?you lost from my view for a long time .should i started first to our own good relation ?hmm ,its worth to me ?if no respons from you i'll be sad and i'll feel that i never important in your life before this .right ?hmm ,im really missing you dear :"(

thanks reading,me love you :)