Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my family :)

 all about my family story <33

 hey all .first of all ,i wanna story about my big family but not to big laa .she is verry patient person and brave woman .im so pround of her .she always give me some advice for my future not also me to my brother and my sister also .guese who ?of course my lovely mother . her name is che ku rosmawati bt che ku mat .iloveyou momm !i also have a father his name is mohd kasnor bin yusoff ,his is a policeman but now he changed a lot .i dont know how .but i hope oneday he regret what have he done to ours family ;( ,i feel sad right now .ahh !lets forget about this .im not to clever in english and essay .always get 99% so stupid right ?haha ;DD .i have 3 sister and 3 brother .ohh !i forget to intruduce myself ,btw my name is nik kartinie khairulnisya already 17 y/o still young ;D and im study at miharja .this years also i will setting SPM examination .uhh !so scared u know .i think im not ready yet because im very lazy to do homework .but i wanna get straight A in exam this years .god willing i will do the best for my own future .thats was my dream .i hope will become true .it's so interesting when writing in bahasa english .because i wanna improve my english language .i know ,i very bad in english ,but i just want to try and learn something new .not wrong right ?hee ;D .lets continue with my family story .where we stop ha ?oh ok i remember now .my second brother name mohd khairuddin syawal ,he is 15 y/o .he also setting in examination it's PMR .third sister name is hanis khairina .very short right ?because my mom gave her name .my mom like a simple name .when my name my father ,grandma and my auntie gave thats why verry long .and just call nickk .haha .so weird ;)) .then ,my fourth brother name mohd khairul harith naim ,he is verry cute than bob because bob verry chubby .bob verry like to eat .he verry love chicken .now his body like beloon .hehe ;p .my little sister verry cute and short .i very like her hair because very straight and soft .not like me ,just like a mop .aahaha ;D .her name is amanda hanisa khaisara .her name my mom .father and me gave .verry pretty name right ?look who give laaa ;) .and the last one it's boy her name is muhamad khairil darwish iskandar ,very long right ?just like me laa ;B .hm ,i think thats all about my family .if u wanna know ,u can get more information at .try if can ok .k lahh .i feel sleepy now .i wanna get a sleep and my sweetdream .ok u all .thanx for reading my good essay .ahakk .babai .ILOVEMYFAMILY .

mie ,darwish and mandaaa ♥♥♥

name of writer ;nik kartinie khairulnisya bt mohd kasnor aka nickk ;)

date ;06.07.2010

time ;1:06

*da lme aku tlis nie ,tp ad ejas skt2 :)
thanks reading,me love you :)